Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Here at Guitar Lessons Belfast we love to hear about our students entering the studio for the first time to record their first E.P or rehears the first time with a newly formed band! That is what it is all about for us - we want to inspire the next generation of rock stars and awesome bands! To help you along the way we have compiled a short list of what we that are the most important recording and rehearsal studios Belfast has to offer! In no order...

Oh Yeah Belfast

Oh Yeah Belfast one of the best volenteer projects in Northern Ireland, was founded by Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol and former Assistant Editor of the NME Stuart Baillie to provide young talented musicians a space to rehears, record and home their musical talents. A strickly non-profit organization Oh Yeah Belfast is an incredible project that has produced some amazing results, most evident on the mixed artist release of the Oh Yeah Sessions album, with its facilities ready to use by you and your band. Literally one of the best things the Belfast music scene has to offer - a great hang out place too for musicans! Totally check them out!

Start Together Studio

Start Together Studio is an awesome little three-room recording studio located in the centre of Belfast. The studio is really like no other, lit with wacky colour lights creating a fantastic recording environment that is far more relaxed than at other studios. Working in collaboration with the Oh Yeah Music Centre, the Start Together Studio is by far the best place to record your first E.P! Room three for instance allows for full band recording for young bands short of recording dosh! The equipment if first class, as well as the staff being incredibly helpful and friendly! Top record studios!

Jam Live Studios

Jam Live Studios is the place to go in Belfast if you have just formed a band and are looking for somewhere to practise and write. Jam Live Studios, with six rooms to book out, provides a good rate of £10 per hour (£25 for three hours) for room rental - very reasonable - along with some decient equipment. Amps, drum kits and even a old piano (if you book out the right room) are provided and there is some recording and PA systems if needed. Great rehearsal studios, located 81 Springfield Road, Belfast, at a great room rental rate!

Rubarb Recording

Rubarb Recording ran by Cormac O'Kane the studio manager and located at Owen Cork Mill, 288 Beersbridge road, Belfast, BT5 5DX is a studio geared more towards remastering and post production rather than recording as you might expect. Nonetheless, O'Kane has worked with some of the best in the business, the likes of Jools Holland, Bob Geldof, Ash and Sinead O’ Connor as well as mutiple BBC productions. This studio is more for the advanced artist rather than the local pub band, but certainly worth checking out if you are interested in post production projects!

Acoustic & Electric Lessons

My guitar lessons are personalised to your aims on the guitar. We will cover everything you will ever need to know at a speed that is comfortable for you.

It is also important to have fun along the way, so I am passionate about providing you with the knowledge needed through exercises and songs that you will really enjoy both in lessons and during practice. Whether you a complete beginner or an intermediate guitarist I have the lessons to help you reach that next level!

You have absolutely nothing to lose, drop me an email to arrange your first guitar lesson or call 03455 086739.

Joel is a professional guitar teacher based in Belfast, able to help students interested in learning the acoustic and electric guitar.